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Days gone by……

Here are a pair of aerials from 1928.  They are from the County’s collection.

1928 aerial

Jacumba 1928 1 of 2

From my own collection I’ve included a 1981 aerial photo of more-or-less the same area.

1981 aerial photo

1981 aerial photo

And a detail from the 1939 USGS 15 minute “Jacumba” Quad map.

1939 USGS Quad

1939 USGS Quad


Lawrence’s Goldfinch 6-11-13

An adult male Lawrence’s Goldfinch stopped by for a drink this afternoon (6-11-13).   Up to  about a month ago I was seeing them at the swamp.

Lawrence's Goldfinch

Lawrence’s Goldfinch

 EGK_6947 Lawrence's Goldfinch Jacumba 6-11-13

I had a new yardbird, a nice male verdin.  I’ve seen them in Jacumba before, but never in town.

EGK_6930 verdin jacumba 6-11-13


A western kingbird paid a short visit to my water feature.  A wee bit of its red crown was visible.

Western Kingbird

Western Kingbird

Also seen were the usual characters: tricolored blackbirds, Bullock’s orioles and hooded orioles.  A Scott’s oriole was repeatedly calling, but it stayed out of sight.

Jacumba – June 4, 2013 ~ Hooded Oriole fledglings

Today there were two female hooded orioles feeding fledglings from my orange feeder.  One adult had two chicks and the other had one.  Also seen were three male hooded and two male Bullock’s and one female Bullock’s.

The bees were so numerous and aggressive at the orange feeder that they seemed like electrons buzzing around an atomic nucleus.  The only birds that braved the bees were the two female hoodeds that were feeding their chicks.  The males all wimped out.

Feeding fledgling hooded oriole 6-4-13 Jacumba

Feeding fledgling hooded oriole 6-4-13


EGK_6616 feeding fledgling hooded orioles 6-4-13 JacumbaEGK_6628 feeding fledgling hooded orioles 6-4-13 Jacumba

June 1, 2013

It seems that the spring migration is mostly behind us.  Yesterday at the mulberry tree on  El Centro Ave. I found only one western tanager and one Bullock’s Oriole.  Last week the tree was covered in western tanagers and cedar waxwings.

Virginia Rail  with chick 6-1-13

Virginia Rail with chick 6-1-13

At the swamp this morning I found a Virginia Rail with a pair of chicks in tow.  Little round black bundles of down.


Virginia rail chick 6- 1-2013

Virginia rail chick 6- 1-2013

All around the swamp and pond I found California quail with large numbers of chicks.  One quartet of adults had at least 100 chicks in tow.

At my feeders I had a single male black-headed grosbeak and two male hooded orioles plus the usual mob of tricolored blackbirds.  The bees were so thick and aggressive at my jelly/orange half feeder that the orioles wouldn’t use it.  I finally had to turn the hose on it to get the bees off and dumped the jelly.  The bees dissipated a bit and the orioles came in to enjoy the orange halves.

A fly-over by a male Scott’s oriole this morning.

One Harris’ hawk in the big pine at the north end of Campo St.  Last evening fly-overs by barn owl, lesser nighthawk and numerous bats.