Daily Archives: June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013

It seems that the spring migration is mostly behind us.  Yesterday at the mulberry tree on  El Centro Ave. I found only one western tanager and one Bullock’s Oriole.  Last week the tree was covered in western tanagers and cedar waxwings.

Virginia Rail  with chick 6-1-13

Virginia Rail with chick 6-1-13

At the swamp this morning I found a Virginia Rail with a pair of chicks in tow.  Little round black bundles of down.


Virginia rail chick 6- 1-2013

Virginia rail chick 6- 1-2013

All around the swamp and pond I found California quail with large numbers of chicks.  One quartet of adults had at least 100 chicks in tow.

At my feeders I had a single male black-headed grosbeak and two male hooded orioles plus the usual mob of tricolored blackbirds.  The bees were so thick and aggressive at my jelly/orange half feeder that the orioles wouldn’t use it.  I finally had to turn the hose on it to get the bees off and dumped the jelly.  The bees dissipated a bit and the orioles came in to enjoy the orange halves.

A fly-over by a male Scott’s oriole this morning.

One Harris’ hawk in the big pine at the north end of Campo St.  Last evening fly-overs by barn owl, lesser nighthawk and numerous bats.