Lawrence’s Goldfinch 6-11-13

An adult male Lawrence’s Goldfinch stopped by for a drink this afternoon (6-11-13).   Up to  about a month ago I was seeing them at the swamp.

Lawrence's Goldfinch

Lawrence’s Goldfinch

 EGK_6947 Lawrence's Goldfinch Jacumba 6-11-13

I had a new yardbird, a nice male verdin.  I’ve seen them in Jacumba before, but never in town.

EGK_6930 verdin jacumba 6-11-13


A western kingbird paid a short visit to my water feature.  A wee bit of its red crown was visible.

Western Kingbird

Western Kingbird

Also seen were the usual characters: tricolored blackbirds, Bullock’s orioles and hooded orioles.  A Scott’s oriole was repeatedly calling, but it stayed out of sight.

One thought on “Lawrence’s Goldfinch 6-11-13

  1. Gretchen Nell

    Eric, As always, more wonderful photos – illustrating fascinating bird behavior and beauty – I like the LAGO on the frog statuary 🙂 Also, the WEKI crown strip – great shot!!

    Let me know if the spa is a good place to spend a day –

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