Mountain Bluebirds and Common Goldeneye 12-20-13

This morning I found a female adult Common Goldeneye at the pond.  It was very shy and flew off as I tried to get some decent photos.  This bird is mentioned in the creation tale in The Kalevala – Poems of the Kaleva District.  

Common Goldeneye - female

Common Goldeneye – female

Later I was going about my rounds and I found birds that I’ve been expecting – Mountain Bluebirds – in the disturbed agricultural fields across Old Highway 80 from the Mobile Home Park.  A loose flock of about 100 birds. These birds love crappy disturbed bare-earth type habitats.  And the spot I found them is perfect.  This is just about my favorite bird.

Mountain Bluebird - adult male

Mountain Bluebird – adult male

Mountian Bluebird

Mountian Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird



3 thoughts on “Mountain Bluebirds and Common Goldeneye 12-20-13

  1. JoeMama

    Saw 6 flying away from me and my little terrier but I didn’t realize what what they were until I spoke with you. Thought maybe canvas backs. Cool. Would have liked to see them close up and not flying away

  2. susan henderson

    I am requesting your permission to use your mountain bluebird in one of my digital compilations………
    I have bluebirds nesting in my yard from April to as late as August in Bozeman, Montana. I call them my bluebirds of hope.
    I am making an angel image of one of my bengal cats that passed way too young and would like to use the wings of a bluebird as angel wings.
    I have yet to capture a bluebird in flight like you have.
    beautiful pics of the bluebirds…….do you have them year around?
    bluebirds are my favorite bird too…so friendly

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