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Fall Birds 9-5-16

The earliest Fall birds begin to show up in late July.  A smattering of western tanagers along with some orange-crowned warblers, Wilson’s warblers, good numbers of female and juvenile lazuli buntings and pairs of warbling vireos.  ones and twos of  black-throated gray warblers, Nashville warblers, yellow warblers, common yellow-throats and Townsend’s warblers.

We should see more migrating birds through the end of October.  Winter residents such as sapsuckers, white-crowned sparrows and Audubon’s warblers should be arriving in small numbers during September and October.

Summer resident birds such as blue grosbeaks will be around for a while, most of the orioles have left.  Only a few female and juveniles remain.

Wilson's warbler 8-21-16

Wilson’s warbler 8-21-16

Warbling Vireo 8-28-16

Warbling Vireo 8-28-16

Lazuli Bunting 8-28-16

Lazuli Bunting 8-28-16

Lazuli Bunting 8-28-16

Lazuli Bunting 8-28-16

Dunno Butterfly-moth 8-28-16

Great Purple Hairstreak  –  Atlides halesus 8-28-16

Bullock's Oriole with hooded oriole behind

Bullock’s Oriole with hooded oriole behind

Lincoln's Sparrow 9-2-16

Lincoln’s Sparrow 9-2-16

Western-wood Pewee 9-5-16

Western Wood-pewee 9-5-16

Flycatchers are rather difficult to distinguish, especially willows and wood-pewees.  Any comments?

Muscove Duck and sprog

Muscovy Duck and sprog

Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck

The Muscovy Duck is a domestic, barnyard, animal. Someone dumped two adults and 7 ducklings at the pond.  I noticed them on 9-3-16.  Its possible, but not likely, that the ducklings were hatched here.  Note the large claws.  These are large ducks, almost goose sized.